Featured Art Form

Each year, the committee and volunteers for The Wearable Art Show highlight a unique component of wearable art. The goal is to showcase and educate about the many ways that art, jewellery and clothing can be constructed and embellished; spotlighting the makers, designers and artists who use these techniques.

Once selected, The Wearable Art Show committee creates an Artist Challenge – asking each of the participants in the show to incorporate the selected medium into their own art. These are displayed for show attendees to vote on and select their favourite.

The 2024 theme challenge is ‘Folklore and Fashion’ and the featured artist is Alexis Hoy.

Alexis Hoy Shoulder Cape

From Alexis comes a hand spun tale of the magic of making. Her book Story Maker is an illustrated short novel that includes 12 original knitting patterns inspired by the story.


“ There are more stories than anyone person has time to make. Our stories are spun out in yarns and caught up in needles, twisted together into memories and stored in fabric. That is the nature of the world, you understand; infinite stories, waiting to be told, or made, or lived, and each of us has our tools for creating them…”



Experience the Exquisite. Acquire the Divine.

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