What the heck do I wear?

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That age old question has never been more pointed than when choosing what to wear to
The Wearable Art Show, right? Oh my goodness, what a dilemma. Here are a few options:



Jeans and Basic T with Runners.
For such a special day, the everyday seems even more so. Although, if this is your uniform, it’s probably the perfect choice. Be comfy. Be casual. And be free to try on whatever catches your fancy.

All Your Wearable Art.
For you fellow junkies, it is NEVER wrong to adorn yourself in previously acquired pieces. It will make a definite statement. It will say you’re a fan. It will make the artisans feel special. And it will invite you to add to your “collection”.

Basic Black on Black.
From funky venue to cocktail party, always the perfect choice. And it will create a “canvas” for you to adorn yourself with whatever catches your eye – and your fancy. Plus you know you will be able to wear your new “Wearable Art piece” home because black goes with everything.

What will the artists themselves be wearing? Truth be told they will undoubtedly be going through the samenew blog post, bed dilemma as you. Which new piece will they feature? What will they wear with it? And how to make sure they will be both comfortable – and chic all day long.

Don’t fuss about it. You will forget all about what you are wearing the moment you catch sight of all the treasures, and their makers, waiting for you.

And whatever you wear will look fantastic with whatever you choose to take home.

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