TWAS – So Much Better with a Friend

daniels spectrum5You fell madly in love with an amazing piece of wearable art. You turned to say something to your best ‘show’ friend and realized that she wasn’t there. Yikes. Every show is SO MUCH BETTER with a friend.

So make this Saturday’s TWAS Show So Much Better with a Friend, Here’s what to do:

1. Order your tickets online  right now. Eventbrite, 2 for 1 tickets They’re 2 for 1 – perfect for sharing. Just download  your e-tickets and show them at the door when you arrive.
2. Plan what you’re going to wear. Comfy shoes and something simple for trying on treasures. (Check out this Thursday’s posts for some other ideas.)
3. Figure out who’s going to drive. Parking for the whole day under the building is just $5.00. Or make it even easier by taking the streetcar.
4. Grab a bite for lunch at PaintBox restaurant nearby.
5. Visit the artisans together, so you can “share the love” as you try on one perfect piece after another. Make sure you meet all the new artists as well as catching up with your
6. Don’t worry if you run out of cash. There’s an ATM on site.
7. Head home at the end of the show, basking in the afterglow of your amazing finds.

And after having your awesome TWAS day, be sure to make it an annual event that you and your “show bestie” can look forward to all year. Stay connected with TWAS on the website or Facebook and watch for dates and updates.

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