Studio Tiny Loft

Studio Tiny Loft Jewelry creates two separate hand crafted collections: the line of multiples and the line of exclusive one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Our Multiples are produced in small batches and have understated minimalist edge and casual elegance and comfort.

The One and Only line is created as the unique one-of-a-kind wearable art collection. It is our own interpretation of classic bohemian jewelry in a new and modern way.

Both lines are created in versatile contemporary style and can go from the office to dinner parties. They are created in Canada for 35+ ladies – fabulous bold grown-up girls, who consider themselves valuables and who are looking for the modern dramatic pieces to showcase their unique personality.

Contemporary jewelry from Studio Tiny Loft is inspired by the bustle of cosmopolitan urban Toronto and reflects the designer’s years of globetrotting and the time spent in fashion.

Our raw materials are ethically sourced- we use the food industry by-product domestic cattle horn and deer shed antlers. Our natural amber is purchased raw and then painstakingly sanded and polished, the fossils are purchased from the official dealers.

Our creations are distinguished by the elegance, modern aesthetics and materials of the highest quality.

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