Isidora Spielmann

Raised in a city where art lives on subway walls and on house facades, where walking through gardens filled with sculptures and well-dressed people is the norm, my expectation for aesthetics is constant. I was raised and trained as a Master Tailor, in Vienna.

Isidora hands-detailI rescue fabrics from people who don’t want them anymore; or from fabric stores before they throw them into the trash; or from second hand stores. Mainly though, I get fabrics once dear to a seamstress, but never used. Now that fabric becomes entrusted to me. I combine these fabrics that happen to meet and converge on my shelves by accident, their origins often very different. Their combination creates a wonderful, completely new expression.

I love fabrics with rich textures, deep colours and an easy flow. When I am about to visualize a new coat, I walk through my studio, walk through my stores of gorgeous collected textiles, and I combine silks & satins, velvets, wools and brocades. Each garment has its own flavour, it can strive for elegance or for ease, for the joy of movement or the expression of sunlight. Each will look best when the right person has found it, when the shapes of body and garment come together in the right fit, with harmonious colouring of hair and skin and fabrics.

The human body is the sculpture that I am allowed to dress, following the lines and movement of the body.

A beautiful garment adds possibility to the day.



More information and images can be found on Isidora’s website

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