Elena Savinovski

Elena SavinovskiElena Savinovski earns her daily bread by drafting, but the rest of the time she focuses her creativity on wearable art. She excels at felting and bead weaving. Be sure to visit her booth at The Wearable Art Show in October.

Elena originally hails from Kazakhstan. She and her family arrived in Canada almost 14 years ago via Russia.

Bead weaving is an art form she taught herself, inspired to do so after seeing some beaded jewellery made by a friend.

Internet tutorials and books facilitated her learning. Felting, on the other hand, is a traditional craft of her homelands — Kazakhstan and Russia. In honing this art form, she reports in a recent interview that she “learned from a lot of great artists, I have taken workshops here in Canada, in England and Russia.” She loves working in both fields of wearable art, and tells us that doing either well takes lots of patience and practice.


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