Door Prizes

As if you needed another reason to get your tickets to TWAS, here are FOUR MORE!

Four fabulous door prizes that have been generously donated to give away. That’s not the icing on the cake. That’s the sprinkles on the icing on the cake!!

door prize 1


A Vintage Necklace – donated by Carole Tanenbaum
This vintage Wendall August aluminum necklace was created somewhere in the 1930-40’s. The spectacular medallion sits on a 28” chain.


door prize 2


Karen Gunna Bag – donated by the artisan
Karen’s love of leather and colour come together in this special bag. Black with a couple of pops of turquoise make it uniquely Karen Gunna.


door prize 3


Iceberg Envelope Jacket – This exquisite jacket is made entirely of tencel yarn, hand-dyed and handwoven by Marie Payne and designed and built by Josette Luyckx.


door prize 4


Fabulous Fakes – A Passion for Vintage Costume Jewellery – a book written and donated by Carole Tanenbaum


Four fantastic door prizes with three days to go. If you haven’t already got your ticket, go now to Eventbrite and order one. Better yet, order two for the price of one and take a girlfriend. You might be the winner of one of these divine door prizes.


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