Confessions of a Wearable Art Junkie

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I am not just a fan of wearable art – I am a fanatic! I have always loved to own things that were created by Canadian artisans. Unique, one-of-a-kind, wonderful pieces are my weakness. I love to give them as gifts. I love to buy them for myself. Whether jewellery, bags, clothing or shoes; they are all just much more special when lovingly crafted by hand.

Not one ounce of my fibre longs to own a zillion-of-a-kind, logo’d item that could be owned and worn by just anyone and everyone. My hard earned dollars have been allocated to purchasing, lusting after, or creating things that would be owned ONLY by me.

The thing about virtually every piece of Wearable Art that I own is that it transcends time. Since it isn’t mass produced and based on a fad, it holds its own for years and years (and if you are old enough – years).

And Wearable Art invariably invites a conversation with others who truly understand and appreciate these treasures. We “junkies” instantly recognize one another because of the unique pieces we have collected. The conversations we have always include a story about the maker and how/where/when we acquired it – they’re like “wearable art badges of honour” that we proudly display for all to see. Other Junkies can’t help but stop you and say, “Where did you get that amazing piece.” And a” Wearable Art Tribe” is formed, always roaming for the next event to feed our passion.

For all these reasons, The Wearable Art Show is complete heaven for me. All my loves and cravings, plus their fabulous creators, together in one place for one amazing day – this year October 17th. I can hardly wait – and I only have about a week more to do so.

Fanatic, junkie – or just a gal with amazing taste? You decide. I already know.

Wendie Scott Davis


  • Nildan Atsiz

    Hi Wendie, if you’re interested in funky clothing, you can email me @
    I can forward a link to you. Thanks.

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