Bonnie Glass

BGImage5 resizedThe proud founder of The Wearable Art Show, Bonnie Glass LOVES to create originals for Originals! Her coats, jackets and statement toppers are noted for the way she blends line, color and texture into distinctive, unique garments. One of the greatest joys of wearing a “Bonnie Glass” original is its exclusivity – no two pieces are alike. Comfort, quality and workmanship have always been priorities for Bonnie, but changeability and the ability to dress up or down are becoming increasingly important to her and her BGImage1 resizedclients.
Timeless beauty is another hallmark of a “Bonnie Glass”. Now that she has been creating for 20 plus years, Bonnie’s garments have become collectible and she has added a consignment component to her business, which she operates from a studio in Guelph, Ontario.

Visit Bonnie’s website at:, or call her for more information at 905-875-7349.

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