Anna Perena Clothes

Design is my life 🙂
I started make clothes when I was a kid. I cut my mom’s most beloved dress into small dresses for my dolls. Surprisingly, after that Santa Claus brought me a real toy sewing machine, that actually could sew clothes. 
For myself , I started to sew at age 14. Being born and growing up in the USSR there was a real lack of nice and original clothing. My first styles were made from Burda patterns, but I quickly began to design and construct my own styles.
At 1995, I with my husband, moved to Israel where we both received a design education – me as a fashion designer and my husband as an industrial designer.
In 2005, after working as a fashion designer in a few local firms, I started my own line called Anna Perena and from 2010 onwards I have been selling in the USA and Canada.

My line is made for women who want to wear clothes different from everyday boring standard wear. I like to construct patterns and find new forms in apparel. Having disadvantages in my shape I understand problems of many women and always try to incorporate lines and details that hide flaws and highlight advantages. 
Mostly I like to work with soft knitted fabrics made from natural fibres. To highlight my tailoring and design I prefer to use solid colours. 

Each of my creations is made with passion and love and contains a part of my soul, so I believe that wearing my clothes will bring love and success to you 🙂

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