Annie Thompson

Annie Thompson

The Artist:

Annie Thompson is a designer with a fine arts background. She is a strident supporter of the arts, green living and the environment.

Annie’s inspiration comes from the world around her, the people and culture she experiences and her deep commitment to ethical ideals.

She is a passionate traveller and as a student of the world, has an uncanny ability to translate her experiences into beautiful, creative and functional design.

The evolution of Annie’s creative process:
Each new piece – garment, bag, sculpture – evolves with an organic building process of hands-on design and the conceptualizing of an end product which will bring beauty, joy, quality and a useful utility to each piece in the collection.

The Philosophy:

Annie Thompson loves her clients and nurtures human contact; she aims to create unique and authentic products that help to make people’s lives easier while minimizing the potentially harmful impacts of the manufacturing process on the environment.

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